Young Bible app

Download now the best Bible app to explore the Holy Bible, a free, intuitive and easy-to-use app that will delight lovers of God’s Word.

With this new app, you can carry the Word on your smartphone or tablet every day. Get access to the Updated King James Version (UKJV), an updated Bible based on the renowned King James version. It is an update on the spelling and the vocabulary of the old KJV. A modern, updated and easier to understand biblical text, especially for young people.

Please take the time to read the special features of the app:

  • It’s free

  • Online and offline version making it readable even without internet access

  • Audio Bible: the user can opt to listen to the Bible instead of reading it

  • You can customize the font size

  • Choose between night mode and day mode

  • Change volume, speed and tone of audio

  • Add notes to verses

  • Bookmark verses

  • Save verses into lists and classify them according to date

  • Search keywords or phrases through the entire Bible with ease

  • Return to the last verse read

  • Create your photos to share on networks

  • Copy, paste, and share verses and passages on social networks

  • Email and text message others your favorite verses

You will also receive the verse of the day delivered to your phone! Check out good morning bible messages and spread the love of God for your friends and family!